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Raas All-Stars
The National Championship

Raas All-Stars is the final stage for the top eight raas/garba teams after they have competed across the country at bid competitions. Through the power of performing arts and philanthropic ventures, RAS hopes to foster a sustainable tight-knit network of performers, community members, and supporters from across the nation, while encouraging a foundation of perseverance, artistic expression and diversity.

After becoming the national champion of Raas All-Stars VII, I had the opportunity to join the RAS Executive Board:

2016-2017: Marketing Chair

2017-2018: Executive Director

Marketing Chair

Raas All-Stars IX

This pattern is a brush design of the words "love" and "chocolate" written in several different languages. The pattern contains the brand colors, as well as color variations. 

Software: Adobe Illustrator


Raas All-Stars X

ChocAmo needed a business card design that incorporated the fun brand, while showing the product and product use. This matte card has custom sides and rounded edges.

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