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Charles D.
Close School of Entrepreneurship

The Close School of Entrepreneurship at Drexel University is the nation's first free-standing, degree offering school of entrepreneurship. Argyle Interactive services as the communications department of this though leader in the Philadelphia entrepreneurship community. I had the opportunity to contribute to several strategic initiatives, events, and create infographics for followers.

Startup Day

In November 2016, the Close School of Entrepreneurship hosted Startup Day, an annual event dedicated to celebrating entrepreneurship in Philadelphia. Through Argyle, I had the opportunity to strategize a 3-month marketing plan to promote the event. The plan incorporated print materials, social media posts, social media ads, an on-campus scavenger hunt, event signage, and more. Startup Day 2016 successfully brought in over 400 attendees, surpassing the previous two years. In 2017, Startup Day will become Startup Fest, a two-day event consisting of competitions, speakers, and several interactive elements. I am currently spearheading the marketing plan and am working with the Close School to make the new event bigger and better. The new plan features interactive website elements, collaboration with Saxby's coffee, and an upgraded theme.

Entrepreneurial Impact

In March, the Close School and Argyle Interactive hosted Entrepreneurial Impact, a networking event with a speaker panel and happy hour. The event focused on how entrepreneurial thinking has led to success in startups, small businesses, and corporations. The goal of the event was to encourage attendees to sign up for Starting New Ventures, a hybrid continuing education course offered by the Close School. I organized this event, created an event page, organized promotions, and planned refreshments for attendees. The event brought in about 50 people to the WeWork co-working space on 19th and Market in Center City Philadelphia.   

Event Flyers

The Close School and the Baiada Institute host several events for students and staff at Drexel University. I created the branding an concept for three of these events in Fall 2016: the Maguire Empowerment Program, Espresso & Entrepreneurship, and the Business Plan Competition.


These infographics targeted students at the Close School and inspireed them to pursue their inner entrepreneurial spirit.


Performance reports provide analysis and insights for the services in a campaign your campaign. My role is to lead report generation by collecting performance data  and insights of each segment of work. I then create reports in a friendly, legible format, displaying pertinent information both on past results, and recommendations for the future. These reports are sent quarterly or annually, depending on the pertinence of data. 

The report shown on the right is an annual overview of the Baiada Institue of Entrepreneurship, a startup incubator at The Close School. It is currently published on the Baiada website. 

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