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Argyle Interactive

One of my biggest roles at Argyle Interactive is to create processes and materials that increase the efficiency of the company, as well as showcase the brand to potential clients.

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Brand Manual

As Argyle became a more established marketing agency in Philadelphia, it was important to lay out the specific brand guidelines for internal use and external knowledge. I created a Brand Manual that centered around Argyle's brand identity and explained the aspects of the brand usage.


Services Packet

The Sales Packet is a strategic packet that outlines and showcases the different services that Argyle offers. This project was a collaboration between myself, a copywriter, and the company cofounders.  

Employee Handbook

Argyle brings in several co-ops and interns each academic center. The Employee Handbook is a fun manual that introduces new employees to the company and lists out important first steps and items to note while settling in at the office.

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